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Warranty Info

TAKAGI Industrial Co. USA, Inc.
Limited Warranty

This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that may vary from state to state or according to other conditions.

Takagi units must be installed by licensed professionals; installation done by anyone other than licensed professionals will result in the Nullification of the Takagi warranty.

General Limited Warranty Covered 
The manufacturer, Takagi Industrial Co. USA, Inc. will honor our warranty to the original retailed buyer only, and it is not transferable. This warranty strictly covers failed mechanical and electrical parts due to factory defects in normal usage and within the applicable period specified below excluding field labor expenses for service, repairs, reinstallation, permits, or removal and disposal of the failed water heater, or defective component parts and shipping. Takagi is not liable for any special, incidental, or indirect consequential damages including property or personal damages, loss of use, failure to install drain pan under unit, or inconvenience.

The Parts Warranty
If a mechanical and/or electrical part except the heat-exchanger fails within five (5) years in normal residential and three (3) years in commercial with proper installation (see instruction from installation manual) from the purchasing date, Takagi Industrial Co. USA Inc. will furnish a replacement part(s) excluding field labor and shipping.

The Heat Exchanger Warranty
If the heat-exchanger fails within ten (10) years in normal residential operation with proper installation (see instruction from installation manual) from the installation date, Takagi Industrial Co. USA Inc. will furnish a brand new heat-exchanger or a refurbished or conditioned tank-less water heater with same model. For commercial, industrial or/ and recirculation applications or/ and more than a single family residential dwelling, the heat-exchanger is covered within three (3) years of usage excluding labor and shipping.

Not Covered in this Warranty
(1) Any Takagi unit that is not installed by a licensed plumber, gas installer, or contractor.
(2) Defects or malfunctions due to improper installation, abnormal application, and lack of maintenance.
(3) Damage due to abuse, accident, fire, flood, freezing, or any act of GOD. 
(4) Failure of Takagi unit due to the water heater being operated in a corrosive, chemically contaminated, lint, fiber glass, or any similar environment.
(5) Failure of Takagi unit due to abnormal hardness water quality (scale build up), incorrect water pressure, untreated well water, high (excessive) supplied gas pressure from Uniform Plumbing Code specifications.
(6) Failure due to excessive temperature that is higher than the factory calibrated temperature limits.
(7) Failure or damage due to unauthorized alterations, attachments, repair and/or improperly converted gas type as specified on the rating plate.
(8) Damage due to freezing environment without proper preventive measure as instructed in the installation manual.
(9) Damage from condensation due to extensive vent length without condensation drip and/or not following the installation manual.
(10) Damage from not installed in accordance with applicable local, state codes, ordinances and good trade practices.
(11) Unit is installed outside the United States of America and Canada excluding U.S. territories.

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